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[24 Feb 2015 | Comments Off on New Peg | ]

I have made a new peg at the far right end of Heron Lake. This will now be peg 10 and bet it will be a flyer, hoping to draw this one in a match soon!! Need all the luck I can get!

New Peg 10

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[24 Feb 2015 | Comments Off on Match Results | ]

Sunday 22nd was league match day. The weather was horrendous but everyone caught even though a few of us had had enough and packed up early! Here are the results:

  1. Garry Smith Peg 9 37lb
  2. Roger Baker Peg 2 26lb 8oz
  3. Mick Bennetts Peg 7 12lb 6oz

Heron Lake, Matches »

[4 Feb 2015 | Comments Off on S.O.D.S Private Match on Heron Lake | ]

SODS (Sirco Occasional Danglers Society) have booked a private match on Heron Lake on 15th February. Heron lake will be closed that day but pleasure anglers can still fish either Fir Tree or Willow Pond. If you would like to book a club match at our fishery don’t hesitate to contact me.

Amalwhidden Farm Coarse Fishery    |    Call: 01736 796961    |    Open All year round