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[25 Feb 2018 | Comments Off on Winter League Round 10 Results | ]

Today’s match was winter league round 10. We had 2 sections of 4 on Heron and Fir Tree. With the cold easterly blowing I pegged it so everyone had the wind off their backs. We had some deliberation before the draw over whether to use 11 or 13 on Heron, 11 was favoured and no one wanted to go in the bag until it came out, it was Adrian Holland home for the day, I think he fancied it for a few but the carp had other ideas! Alex Bradley drew sock on, for a change ? pulling in-form peg 19 on Heron from the bag where he had a decent weight from 2 weeks before. Fir Tree was very close with only 1lb 14oz separating the top 2, here are results:

Heron Section 
1st Alex Bradley peg 19 78lb 8oz 
2nd Christopher Symons peg 17 27lb 14oz

Fir Tree Section 
1st Tony Jose peg 9 36lb 14oz 
2nd Neil Hodder peg 10 35lb

Well done to Alex and Tony on winning your sections and thanks to everyone who braved the cold.

Next week we will be running an open where the golden peg pot stands at over £100, please book if you would like to fish.

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[12 Feb 2018 | Comments Off on Winter League Round 8 | ]

Today was winter league round 8 and it was proper cold! 9 braved it with 5 on Heron and 4 on Fir Tree and there wasn’t many pegs that had any shelter from the cold Northly. After draining Heron last week for a stock take we had the stream water running all week to top it up so was expecting it to be really hard considering the conditions. Alex Bradley and Adrian Holland drew the pegs with some shelter and they both fished well, here are the results:

Heron lake 
1st Alex Bradley peg 19 66lb 15oz 
2nd Christopher Symons peg 5 38lb 7oz 
3rd Neil Hodder peg 15 35lb 7oz

Fir Tree 
1st Adrian Holland peg 12 33lb 6oz 
2nd Ricky Dennis peg 8 13lb 10oz

Well done Alex and Aide on winning your sections and thanks to everyone who came.

Next Sunday is another winter league match.

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[12 Feb 2018 | Comments Off on Match Result 4th February 2018 | ]

We had 7 fishing today’s open on Fir Tree pond and all things considered it fished well. A cold north easterly blew all day and coupled with a night of cold rain everyone expected it to be rock hard, but I think most were pleasantly surprised. Roger Baker drew the golden peg, peg 12 and he came close to taking the £101 purse…..here are the results:

1st Adrian Holland peg 9 37lb 
2nd Roger Rachel Baker peg 12 32lb 12oz
3rd Neil Hodder peg 7 21lb

Well done Adie on the win and thanks to everyone who came.

The next 3 matches are winter league matches and Fir Tree and Heron will both be used for these matches. Pleasure anglers can fish on Willow pond.

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[12 Feb 2018 | Comments Off on Netting Heron Lake | ]

Today we netted Heron lake. This was to remove as much roach as possible and to have a stock take of other species. We moved all the quality roach (6oz+) and smaller skimmers to willow pond, so will start feeding these as future stock fish. We netted out lots of nice pound+ skimmers, crucians and tench which have all gone back in. We managed to find 637lb of carp, all good condition fish which have gone back in, oh and a bit of a surprise to find a perch of 2lb 12oz that I never knew was in there. 
All in all a good productive day which I’m sure will improve the fishing no end and will help the carp to start putting on weight now most of the small roach have been removed. 
Here’s a few pictures of the fish.

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[12 Feb 2018 | Comments Off on Match Result 28th January 2018 | ]

Today’s open was fished on heron lake. We had 8 fishing which pushed the golden peg pot to £94 which Christopher Symons had the good fortune to draw and he started well from peg 11 putting several fish in the net early doors. Things tailed off for Chris during the day and Tony Jose started catching a few in the right margin from peg 19 which set up a close finish, here are the results:

1st Tony Jose peg 19 27lb 13oz 
2nd Chris Symons peg 11 24lb 5oz
3rd Roger Rachel Baker peg 3 23lb 6oz

Well done Tony on the win today and thanks to everyone who came.

Next Sunday’s open will be on Fir Tree and the golden peg pot will be £94+ . If you would like to fish you will need to book.

Tony Jose winning today off peg 19

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