4 December 2017

Winter League Results Round 4

Yesterday was winter league round 4 and it never ceases to amaze me how Ricky Dennis and Alex Bradley always manage to draw spot on! Alex pulled peg 3 on Heron from the bag and Ricky had 15 on Fir Tree stuck to his hand, which coincidentally was what he wanted! Fish fed well on Heron with corn being the favoured bait whilst on Fir Tree it was hard with fish responding to dobbing tactics, here are the results:

Fir Tree Section 
1st Ricky Dennis peg 15 24lb 
2nd Roger Rachel Baker peg 7 17lb 6oz 
3rd Neil Hodder peg 9 13lb 14oz

Heron Lake Section 
1st Alex Bradley peg 3 54lb 14oz 
2nd Paul Glanville peg 17 34lb 15oz 
3rd Tony Jose peg 19 26lb 13oz

Well done Ricky and Alex on winning your sections and thanks to everyone who came. Next Sunday there will be an open on Heron lake. If you would like to fish please book.

4 December 2017

Match Results Sunday 26th November

Today’s open was fished on heron lake. We were going to run a pairs match, but with 7 fishing this was a bit difficult so we ran an individual’s. Fishing was hard but close, with the pegs around the island producing the best weights, here are the results:

1st Adrian Holland peg 5 31lb 2oz 
2nd Mike Bennets peg 15 28lb 12oz 
3rd Tony Jose peg 18 25lb 2oz

Well done Aide on the win today and thanks to everyone who came.

Next Sunday is a winter league match.

19 November 2017

Winter League Round 3 Results

Today was round 3 of our winter league, with 10 fishing we had 2 sections on both lakes, so anglers were well spread. Conditions were near perfect and with plenty of fish moving in the shallow water I was hoping it would fish well. I was happy with drawing peg 3 on Heron lake but thought it could be anyone’s match and with Ricky Dennis on his new home, peg 5 it was always going to be close! Alex Bradley drew well with peg 9 on Fir Tree coming out of the bag, which I think is a peg that is returning to it’s old winter form, here are the results:

Fir Tree Section 
1st Alex Bradley peg 9 35lb 12oz
2nd Jon Wykes peg 7 17lb
3rd Mike Bennets peg 3 12lb

Heron lake Section 
1st Neil Hodder peg 3 69lb 13oz 
2nd Ricky Dennis peg 5 64lb 5oz
3rd Roger Rachel Baker peg 15 49lb 9oz

Well done everyone and thanks for coming. Next Sunday there will be an open, lake to be confirmed.

19 November 2017

Match Result Sunday 12th November

Sunday’s open was fished on a very windy heron lake today. 8 fished so we paid an overall winner and 2 sections. Golden peg was drawn by Christopher Symons, again!! But sadly for Chris it rolls over to the next open. Ricky Dennis has drawn sock on for a change and sat on inform peg 5 for the day, not sure what it is about this peg at the moment but the fish just want to be there and Ricky took full advantage of being able to present a bait on a pole line, which everyone else struggled to do, here are the results:

1st Ricky Dennis peg 5 82lb 13oz 
Section winners 
John Maundrill peg 11 14lb 14oz
Chris Symons peg 17 27lb

Well done Ricky, some top drawing and fishing! Thanks to everyone who came.

Next Sunday is a winter league match.

Heron Lake, Matches

19 November 2017

Saturday Boy’s Match Result 11th November

The Saturday boys had a match today on Heron lake. Only five of them braved the weather, which as it turns out wasn’t to bad, bit windy but the rain held off for most of the day. Pegs 2 to 9 were used so they all the wind over their backs. Barry Gillam had a good day on peg 3, he did go over in 1 net but I let the lads decide his fete….I think they were feeling generous as his weight stood. Here are the results:

1st Barry Gillam peg 3 76lb 10oz 
2nd Nigel Hicks peg 5 38lb 5oz 
3rd Marc Barden peg 8 29lb 2oz

Well done Barry on the win and thanks for using our venue.

Heron Lake, Matches
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