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2 Day Festival Result

14 October 2017 No Comment

This weekend was our 2 day festival and I think the weather had a big part to play. Saturday was very windy making presentation difficult for most, whilst Sunday was still, warm and sunny which definitely helped. Some decent weights were had both days, but the result of the weekend had to be Alex Bradley’s new lake record on Fir Tree of 79lb 2oz, who also fished a faultless 2 days. Here are the results:


Fir Tree
1st Christopher Symons peg 7 31lb 9oz
2nd Neil Hodder peg 10 21lb 12oz 
Heron lake 
1st Alex Bradley peg 2 74lb 1oz
2nd Adrian Holland peg 19 55lb 3oz


Fir Tree 
1st Alex Bradley peg 2 79lb 2oz
2nd Roger Baker 22lb 9oz
Heron lake
1st Neil Hodder peg 9 71lb 6oz
2nd Ricky Dennis peg 13 66lb 3oz

Overall results
1st Alex Bradley 2 points 154lb
2nd Neil Hodder 3 points 93lb 2oz
3rd Ricky Dennis 5 points 85lb 13oz

Pairs results 
1st Alex Bradley and Chris Symons 8 points 
2nd Roger Baker and Ricky Dennis 10 points

Well done Alex on the overall win and thanks to everyone who came. 
Our next match is an open this Wednesday, if you would like to fish please let me know. If not we will also have an open next Sunday.

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