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Netting Heron Lake

12 February 2018 No Comment

Today we netted Heron lake. This was to remove as much roach as possible and to have a stock take of other species. We moved all the quality roach (6oz+) and smaller skimmers to willow pond, so will start feeding these as future stock fish. We netted out lots of nice pound+ skimmers, crucians and tench which have all gone back in. We managed to find 637lb of carp, all good condition fish which have gone back in, oh and a bit of a surprise to find a perch of 2lb 12oz that I never knew was in there. 
All in all a good productive day which I’m sure will improve the fishing no end and will help the carp to start putting on weight now most of the small roach have been removed. 
Here’s a few pictures of the fish.

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