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[28 Nov 2016 | Comments Off on Match Results Sunday 27th November 2016 | ]

We had our third league match yesterday and after a slow start it picked up towards the end, for some! After the first hour and a half and no fish I went and watched my son play football for a couple of hours and some how fluked 5th in my section!! Here are the results:

Heron Lake
1st Roger Baker peg 20 32lb 14oz
2nd Alex Bradley peg 16 30lb 5oz
3rd Paul Glanville peg 3 27lb 25ox

Fir Tree Pond
1st Tony Jose peg 9 37lb 12oz
2nd Adrian Holland peg 12 31lb 14oz
3rd Chris Symons peg 14 28lb 5oz

Well done Roger and Tony for winning your lakes. Thanks to everyone else. Our next match will be an open on Sunday. See you there!!

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[22 Nov 2016 | Comments Off on Second Round Winter League Match Results | ]

Sunday 20th was the second round of our winter league here at Amalwhidden. It was a good close match and both lakes fished well considering all the over night rain, here are the results:

Fir tree pond:
1st Tony Jose peg 8 41lb 14oz
2nd Adrian Holland peg 12 35lb 10oz
3rd Alex Bradley peg 3 33lb

Heron Lake:
1st Chris Symons peg 3 38lb 5oz
2nd Ricky Dennis peg 18 36lb 12oz
3rd Alan Roberts peg 14 35lb 6oz

Well done to Tony and Chris for winning your respective lakes and thanks to everyone who came.

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[14 Nov 2016 | Comments Off on Match Results Sunday 13th November | ]

Fir tree pond was the requested lake for today’s open as some wanted a practice for next week’s league match! Some learnt what to do, some learnt what not to do!! Here are the results:

1st Adrian Holland peg 12 50lb 9oz
2nd John (venue expert) Maundrill peg 8 31lb 14oz
3rd Alan Roberts peg 15 20lb

Aide caught mostly in the right hand margin on a mix of pellet and corn, well done mate
Thanks to everyone who came. Our next match is a league match on Sunday 20th and Heron lake and fir tree pond will both be closed.


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[10 Nov 2016 | Comments Off on Match Results Sunday 6th November | ]

Today’s open was fished on Heron Lake. It really felt like winter and it fished like it too! A cold northerly wind and lots of rain made the going hard, here are the results:

1st Tony Jose peg 3 42lb 7oz
2nd Ricky Dennis peg 18 17lb 1oz

Tony caught mostly carp down the left had margin on corn. Well done mate.

Our next match is an open next Sunday, hope to see you there.

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