Open and Winter League Match Dates

Marc Barden Match and Bonus Winner 29.06.14

NEW BONUS £150 for 150lb 

We supply all keep nets and landing nets for matches


  • Sunday 5th August 2018 WINNER Neil Hodder peg 19 87lb 2oz
  • Sunday 12th August 2018 WINNER Neil Hodder peg 1 90lb
  • Sunday 19th August 2018 WINNER Craig Parkes peg 15 85lb 6oz
  • Sunday 26th August 2018 WINNER Roger Baker peg 1 79lb 6oz


  • Sunday 2nd September 2018 WINNER Mike Bennets Peg 3 57lb 14oz
  • Sunday 9th September 2018 WINNER Tony Jose Peg 3 98lb 5oz
  • Sunday 16th September 2018 WINNER Ricky Dennis Peg 9 96lb 14oz
  • Saturday 22nd September 2018 2 DAY FESTIVAL INDIVIDUAL WINNER Neil Hodder 154lb
  • Sunday 23rd September 2018 2 DAY FESTIVAL OVERALL WINNING PAIR Neil Hodder and Chris Symons 9 Points
  • Wednesday 26th September 2018 WINNER John Maundrill Peg 9 49lb 2oz


  • Sunday 7th October 2018 (Open) WINNER Tony Jose Peg 17 67lb 2oz
  • Sunday 14th October 2018 (Open) WINNER John Maundrill Peg 15 50lb 1oz
  • Sunday 21st October 2018 (Open) WINNER Adrian Holland Peg 5 90lb 8oz
  • Sunday 28th October 2018 (Winter League) WINNER Neil Hodder 93lb 4oz


  • Sunday 4th November 2018 (Open) WINNER Neil Hodder Peg 5 77lb 4oz
  • Sunday 11th November 2018 (Winter League) WINNER Neil Hodder Peg 3 31lb
  • Sunday 18th November 2018 (Open) WINNER Adrian Holland Peg 19 54lb 15oz
  • Sunday 25th November 2018 (Winter League) WINNER Alex Bradley Peg 15 54lb 4oz


  • Sunday 2nd December 2018 (Open) WINNER Tony Jose Peg 4 33lb
  • Sunday 9th December 2018 (Winter League) WINNER Zac Postans Peg 15 31lb 5oz
  • Sunday 16th December 2018 (Open) WINNER Tony Jose Peg 2 34lb 12oz
  • Sunday 23rd December 2018 (Winter League) WINNER Tony Jose Peg 9 52lb 5oz
  • Sunday 27th December 2018 (Christmas Match) WINNER Ricky Dennis Peg 5 63lb 14oz


  • Sunday 6th January 2019 (Winter League) WINNER Neil Hodder Peg 17 64lb 4oz
  • Sunday 13th January 2019 (Open) On Fir Tree
  • Sunday 20th January 2019 (Open)
  • Sunday 27th January 2019 (Winter League)


  • Sunday 3rd February 2019 (Winter League)
  • Sunday 10th February 2019 (Open)
  • Sunday 17th February 2019 (Winter League)
  • Sunday 24th February 2019 (Open)


  • Sunday 3rd March 2019 (Open)
  • Sunday 10th March 2019 (Winter League)
  • Sunday 17th March 2019
  • Sunday 24th March 2019

Sunday Opens

Peg draw 9.00 am, Fish 10.15am-3.15pm

£22.00 all in, this includes peg fee of £6, £15 pools and £1 golden peg.

Golden peg is only available on Sunday opens. When the golden peg pot reaches £100 we will start another pot and will have 2 golden pegs in the same match.

Payouts will depend on the number of anglers fishing.

Winter League

Peg draw 9.00 am, fish 10.15am-3.15pm

£40 entry (All entry money will be payed out at the end as cash prizes. Payouts will depend on number of entries)

£21 all in on the day. (£6 peg £15 pools)

League will be decided on points, in the event of a tie it will go to the highest weight.

There will be 10 matches. Best 8 count and you can drop your worst 2 results.

In the event of missing a winter league match you will get an automatic 10 points.

There will be no sections in play for winter league matches.

All winter league matches will be on Heron Lake.

Bonus Rules

  • The bonus is available across all matches.
  • This is a one off prize, if there are 2 nets over 150lb in the same match the bonus will go to the highest weight
  • There must be 7 or more anglers for the bonus to be paid
  • The bonus will only be paid when the owner is present to verify weight
  • All fish count

 Fishery Match Rules

 Please ensure you are familiar with the rules before fishing

  • FISHERY KEEP NETS AND LANDING NETS SUPPLIED (Please bring your own landing net handle)
  • All fish to be placed in Keep net with landing net NOT dropped
  • No Lifting keep nets at the end of a match until it’s your turn to be weighed
  • The standard fishery rules still apply
  • Small carp upto 1lb 8oz can be mixed with silvers
  • Maximum 50lb in any one net (Up to 55lb will count over 60lb net will be disqualified)
  • No surface baits
  • Halfway rule applies. If fishing next to an empty peg you may fish up to it but not beyond it


Anyone caught breaking the rules will be disqualified

 Ring or text my mobile to reserve your place 07842 089760

Winter League Standings After Round 5

  1. Neil Hodder 6 points 214lb 12oz
  2. Alex Bradley 9 points 135lb 13oz
  3. Zac Postans 10 points 146lb 5oz
  4. Adrian Holland 12 points 146lb 3oz
  5. Tony Jose 15 points 116lb 3oz
  6. Roger Baker 15 points 103lb 8oz
  7. Ricky Dennis 23 points 88lb 5oz 
  8. Mike Bennets 24 points 50lb 14oz 
  9. Nigel Hicks 30 points 71lb 1oz
  10. Chris Symons 47 points 17lb 13oz




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