Marc Barden Match and Bonus Winner 29.06.14

Amalwhidden Farm Coarse Fishery is a great match venue. We hold open matches every Sunday through out the year as well as winter leagues, festivals and evening matches.

The current  VENUE RECORD on Heron stands at 237lb 8oz.

The current VENUE RECORD on Fir Tree stands at 78lb 5oz

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 Sunday matches are 5 hours.

Peg draw 9am fish 10.15am to 4.15pm.

All evening matches are 3.5 hours

Peg draw 4.30pm fish 5.30pm to 9pm

To book on a match give me a call or text 07842 089760

Fishery Match Rules

 Please ensure you are familiar with the rules before fishing

  • FISHERY KEEP NETS AND LANDING NETS SUPPLIED (Please bring your own landing net handle)
  • Maximum 4 tins of sweetcorn allowed on a single match
  • All fish to be placed in Keep net with landing net NOT dropped
  • No Lifting keep nets at the end of a match until it’s your turn to be weighed
  • The standard fishery rules still apply
  • Maximum 60lb in any one net (over 65lb net will be disqualified)
  • No surface baits
  • Halfway rule applies. If fishing next to an empty peg you may fish up to it but not beyond it






Amalwhidden Farm Coarse Fishery    |    Call: 07842 089760    |    Open All year round