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Match Result Sunday 10th July

24 July 2016 No Comment

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We had two matches on Heron Lake this weekend and it fished well with 2, 90lb+ weights on both days, here are the results from both matches.

Today’s open:
1st Tony Jose (pictured) peg 19 97lb 4oz
2nd Neil Hodder peg 3 70lb 10oz
3rd Adrian Holland peg 16 39lb 6oz

Saturday Boy’s match:
1st Alex Bradley peg 9 99lb 8oz
2nd Chris White peg 5 86lb
3rd Paul Dench peg 3 54lb

Tony and Alex both fished 8mm pellet for their catches. Well done to both of them and thanks to everyone who came.

Match Winner Tony Jose 10.07.16

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