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Need to Learn to Add Up (Sunday Match Results)

14 August 2015 No Comment

Sunday 9th August was open match day and despite the bad weather (Again!!) Heron Lake fished really well. I caught well all day and thought I had about 50lb in one net so started using a second. When I weighed in, my main carp net had 67lb in it AAARRRGGHHH!!! So I was only allowed the top limit of 55lb, adding up was never one of my strenghts, here are the results:

  1. John Wykes Peg 9 77lb 2oz
  2. Neil Hodder Peg 19 73lb (Should of been 85lb if I can count)
  3. Les Pearce Peg 3 36lb

Well done John and thanks to all whom came. Our next open match will be a mid week one next Wednesday 19th August, peg draw 9.00am, £15 all in. Give me a call if you want to book a peg 07842 089760.

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