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[17 May 2015 | Comments Off on Match Results 17th May 2015 | ]

Here are todays open match results:

  1. Lee Dark 80lb 8oz Peg 5 
  2. Neil Hodder 77lb 10oz Peg 19
  3. Jon Wykes 39lb 4oz Peg 9

Lee (pictured) fished white pop-up boilie on method feeder to the island and paste and pellet in the margin on the pole and he caught well on both, bagging 2 ghosties on both methods. Well done Lee, I’ll get you next time!!!!

Match Winner Lee Dark 17th May Net 1Match Winner Lee Dark 17th May Net 2


P.S This blog is not a game of spot the difference!!

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[26 Apr 2015 | Comments Off on Today’s Match Result 26th April 2015 | ]

Today’s match had 7 fishing, the weather was a mixed bag of cloud and sunshine and a strong wind made conditions tricky, here are the results:

Boz Philips Match Winner 26.04.15

  1. Boz Philips Peg 11 59lb 10oz (Pictured)
  2. Andy Partridge Peg 1 58lb 10oz
  3. Neil Hodder Peg 15 42lb 8oz

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[8 Apr 2013 | Comments Off on Fishery Record Ghost Carp | ]

Ghost carp 11lb 3ozOne of our original Ghosties has been caught in Willow pond. It weighed in at 11lb 3oz. It feel to sweetcorn fished on a feeder, but don’t fish Willow pond for it! It’s back where it belongs, in Heron Lake.

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